2011 - Chemistry : Top Universities in China
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World RankCountry RankUniversityLocationTotal Score
181Peking UniversityChina48.8
192Tsinghua UniversityChina47.4
223Zhejiang UniversityChina46.5
274Nanjing UniversityChina44.1
335Fudan UniversityChina40.4
346Nankai UniversityChina40.3
377Jilin UniversityChina39.4
408University of Science and Technology of ChinaChina38.9
749Sichuan UniversityChina30.6
7510Xiamen UniversityChina30.6
8011Shandong UniversityChina29.3
8612East China University of Science and TechnologyChina28.7
9013Sun Yat Sen UniversityChina28.2
11214Wuhan UniversityChina26.4
11915Lanzhou UniversityChina25.9
12916Dalian University of TechnologyChina25.1
13617Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityChina24.3
16418Northeast Normal UniversityChina22.9
16519South China University of TechnologyChina22.8
16820Tianjin UniversityChina22.5
19021Soochow UniversityChina21.6
19822Hunan UniversityChina21.4
24023East China Normal UniversityChina19.1
25724Harbin Institute of TechnologyChina18.6
26325Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyChina18.3

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