2015 - Agricultural Sciences : Top Universities in USA

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World RankCountry RankUniversityLocationTotal Score
21University of California- DavisUSA91.6
32Cornell UniversityUSA86.6
83University of FloridaUSA78.9
104University of Minnesota- Twin CitiesUSA76.1
135University of Wisconsin- MadisonUSA73.8
146University of Illinois- Urbana-ChampaignUSA73.0
167Iowa State UniversityUSA70.5
167The Ohio State University- ColumbusUSA70.5
199Harvard UniversityUSA70.3
2310North Carolina State UniversityUSA68.5
2411Michigan State UniversityUSA68.4
2512University of GeorgiaUSA68.2
2813Pennsylvania State University- University ParkUSA67.1
2914Texas A&M University- College StationUSA66.7
3015Washington State UniversityUSA65.8
3516Purdue University- West LafayetteUSA64.1
4017Oregon State UniversityUSA63.2
4017University of Massachusetts- AmherstUSA63.2
4419University of Nebraska- LincolnUSA63.0
4620Kansas State UniversityUSA62.7
4620Rutgers University- New BrunswickUSA62.7
5722Tufts UniversityUSA60.5
5923University of Maryland- College ParkUSA60.3
7724Colorado State UniversityUSA57.0
7825University of Missouri- ColumbiaUSA56.8

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