2012 - Mechanical Engineering : Top Universities in Europe

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World RankRegion RankUniversityTotal Score
81University of Cambridge58.7
92Imperial College London56.8
133Technical University of Denmark49.5
144Delft University of Technology46.2
245Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne41.0
286Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich38.5
307University of Porto38.2
318Royal Institute of Technology38.2
359Katholieke Universiteit Leuven36.7
3710Eindhoven University of Technology36.0
4811Karlsruhe Institute of Technology33.4
4912University of Oxford32.6
5313University of Paris VI: Pierre et Marie Curie32.2
5614The University of Manchester31.3
6215Polytechnic University of Milan30.3
6416University of Nottingham30.0
7317Ecole Polytechnique27.9
7618Chalmers University of Technology26.6
7719Norwegian University of Science and Technology26.6
7820Technical University of Munich26.6
7921National Technical University of Athens26.4
7921University of Leeds26.4
8123University of Twente26.4
8824University of Stuttgart25.7
8925Polytechnic University of Turin25.7

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