2012 - Mechanical Engineering

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World RankUniversityTotal Score
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology83.5
2Stanford University70.9
3Tsinghua University67.5
4University of Michigan- Ann Arbor66.2
5Georgia Institute of Technology65.4
6Shanghai Jiao Tong University65.0
7University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign64.3
8University of Cambridge58.7
9Imperial College London56.8
10Purdue University- West Lafayette51.8
11University of California- Berkeley51.1
12National University of Singapore51.0
13Technical University of Denmark49.5
14Delft University of Technology46.2
15University of California- San Diego46.0
16California Institute of Technology45.9
17The University of Texas- Austin45.3
18Nanyang Technological University44.8
19Texas A&M University- College Station42.4
20Harvard University42.2
21Princeton University42.0
22Pennsylvania State University- University Park41.3
23Xian Jiaotong University41.3
24Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne41.0
25The University of Tokyo39.9
26Seoul National University38.9
27Harbin Institute of Technology38.6
28Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich38.5
29National Cheng Kung University38.4
30University of Porto38.2
31Royal Institute of Technology38.2
32Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology37.8
33Carnegie Mellon University37.1
34University of Minnesota- Twin Cities37.0
35Katholieke Universiteit Leuven36.7
36University of Toronto36.5
37Eindhoven University of Technology36.0
38Northwestern University36.0
39Rice University35.5
40North Carolina State University34.9
41City University of Hong Kong34.7
42Hong Kong Polytechnic University34.6
43University of Southern California34.5
44McGill University34.3
45The Ohio State University- Columbus34.1
46Tohoku University34.0
47Cornell University33.5
48Karlsruhe Institute of Technology33.4
49University of Oxford32.6
50Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University32.5
51University of Maryland- College Park32.5
52University of Tehran32.3
53University of Paris VI: Pierre et Marie Curie32.2
54The University of British Columbia31.6
55Dalian University of Technology31.5
56The University of Manchester31.3
57Johns Hopkins University31.2
58Iran University of Science and Technology31.2
59Zhejiang University30.8
60University of California- Santa Barbara30.7
61University of Florida30.6
62Polytechnic University of Milan30.3
63Kyoto University30.1
64University of Nottingham30.0
65Sharif University of Technology29.9
66Peking University29.4
67National Taiwan University29.2
68The University of Sydney29.0
69University of California- Los Angeles28.6
70Amirkabir University of Technology28.5
71Huazhong University of Science & Technology28.4
72University of Pennsylvania28.0
73Ecole Polytechnique27.9
74Technion - Israel Institute of Technology27.7
75University of Wisconsin- Madison27.6
76Chalmers University of Technology26.6
77Norwegian University of Science and Technology26.6
78Technical University of Munich26.6
79University of Leeds26.4
79National Technical University of Athens26.4
81University of Twente26.4
82Brown University26.3
83University of Waterloo26.3
84The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology26.1
85University of Delaware25.9
86University of Queensland25.9
87Indian Institute of Technology - Madras25.8
88University of Stuttgart25.7
89Polytechnic University of Turin25.7
90Polytechnic University of Catalonia25.7
91University of Padua25.6
92University of Colorado- Boulder25.5
93University of Rome La Sapienza25.4
94University of Zaragoza25.4
95University of Bristol25.0
96Beihang University25.0
97University of Southampton24.9
98University of Science and Technology of China24.6
99Michigan State University24.4
100RWTH Aachen University24.3
101Monash University23.4
102Arizona State University23.2
103Indian Institute of Science22.8
104University of Pisa22.5
105University of Alberta22.4
106University of Sheffield22.3
107Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur22.3
107Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa22.3
109Warsaw University of Technology22.2
110Pusan National University22.2
111Tianjin University21.9
112The University of Auckland21.7
113Polytechnic University of Madrid21.6
114Southeast University21.4
115Darmstadt University of Technology21.2
116University of California- Davis21.2
117National Tsing Hua University21.0
118Northwestern Polytechnical University21.0
119Tokyo Institute of Technology21.0
120University of Washington- Seattle20.9
121University of Melbourne20.8
122Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur20.8
123Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute20.8
124Aalborg University20.6
125Lund University20.5
126University of Aveiro20.5
127Kyushu University20.3
128Iowa State University20.3
129University of Montreal20.3
130The University of New South Wales20.3
131University of Sao Paulo20.3
132Istanbul Technical University20.2
133The University of Hong Kong20.1
134University of Notre Dame20.1
135Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi20.0
136Technical University of Berlin20.0
137Université catholique de Louvain20.0
138University of Connecticut- Storrs19.8
139The University of Western Australia19.8
140Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen Nuremberg19.8
141University of Illinois- Chicago19.8
142Osaka University19.7
143University of Ljubljana19.7
143University of Utah19.7
145University of Naples Federico II19.7
146Nagoya University19.7
147University of Paris XI: Sud19.6
148Pohang University of Science and Technology19.3
148Duke University19.3
150Hanyang University19.2
151Central South University19.1
152Tel Aviv University19.1
153University of Bath18.9
154Brigham Young University18.9
155Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg18.8
156The University of Western Ontario18.8
157Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay18.6
157University of Science and Technology Beijing18.6
159Shanghai University18.5
160Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge18.4
160Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics18.4
162University of Vigo18.4
162Cranfield University18.4
164Loughborough University18.4
165McMaster University18.3
166University of Central Florida18.2
167University of Virginia18.1
168University of Bologna18.0
169University of Calgary18.0
170University Nancy 1: Henri Poincare18.0
171Yonsei University17.9
172Mines ParisTech17.9
173University of Tennessee- Knoxville17.9
174The University of Newcastle, Australia17.8
175University of Iowa17.5
176University of Massachusetts- Amherst17.3
177University of Strathclyde17.3
178South China University of Technology17.2
179Columbia University17.2
180University of Birmingham17.2
181State University of Campinas17.1
182University of Genoa17.1
183Korea University17.1
184University of Liverpool17.0
185Tarbiat Modares University17.0
186University of London - University College London16.9
187Polytechnic University of Valencia16.7
188Yale University16.5
189Rutgers University- New Brunswick16.4
190Cardiff University16.4
191University of Pavia16.4
192National Chiao Tung University16.4
193Universite de Provence Aix-Marseille I16.1
194University of Seville16.1
195University of Akron16.0
197Ege University15.9
198Budapest University of Technology and Economics15.9
199Clemson University15.8
200University of Arizona15.8
201King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals15.8
202Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan15.7
203Case Western Reserve University15.7
204University of Glasgow15.7
205The University of Adelaide15.6
206Shandong University15.5
207University of California- Irvine15.5
208Lehigh University15.3
209Tongji University15.2
210Utrecht University15.2
211University of Parma15.2
212Lomonosov Moscow State University15.2
213Vanderbilt University15.1
214École Normale Supérieure15.0
215University of Edinburgh15.0
216Texas Tech University14.8
217Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon14.7
218National Central University14.7
219University of California- Riverside14.7
220The Chinese University of Hong Kong14.6
221University of Rome Tor Vergata14.4
222University of Hannover14.4
223Uppsala University14.3
223Sungkyunkwan University14.3
225Curtin University of Technology14.2
226New Jersey Institute of Technology14.2
227Ruhr-University Bochum14.2
227University of Vienna14.2
229Mississippi State University14.1
230Aalto University14.1
231Aristotle University of Thessaloniki14.1
232Concordia University14.1
233Laval University14.0
234University of Groningen14.0
235University of Kentucky14.0
236Joseph Fourier University13.9
237National Taiwan University of Science and Technology13.9
237Washington State University13.9
239Ben-Gurion University of the Negev13.8
240The University of Warwick13.7
241Brunel University13.6
241University of Coimbra13.6
243University of South Carolina13.6
244Université Libre de Bruxelles13.6
245Northeastern University, China13.6
246University of Dortmund13.5
246Technical University at Brunswick13.5
246University of Kaiserslautern13.5
249Inha University13.5
250University of Bordeaux 113.5
251Firat University13.5
252Drexel University13.4
253University of Missouri- Columbia13.4
253University of Santiago de Compostela13.4
255University of Aberdeen13.4
256Jadavpur University13.3
257Bielefeld University13.2
258Ghent University13.2
259University of Cincinnati13.2
260University of Patras13.2
261University of Houston13.2
262University of Amsterdam13.1
263University of Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh13.1
264Queen's University13.0
264Paul Sabatier University13.0
266University of Paris VII: Denis Diderot13.0
266Charles III University of Madrid13.0
268University of Liege13.0
269National Autonomous University of Mexico12.9
270Chung Yuan Christian University12.9
271The University of Chicago12.8
272New York University12.8
273University of Trento12.8
274Illinois Institute of Technology12.7
275Dresden University of Technology12.6
276University of Wales - Swansea12.6
277University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill12.6
278The City University of New York- City Coll12.6
279Trinity College, Dublin12.5
280Lille University of Science and Technology12.5
281Middle East Technical University12.5
282Gazi University12.4
282University of Palermo12.4
284Hokkaido University12.4
285Northeastern University, USA12.3
286Rmit University12.2
287University of Duisburg-Essen12.1
288Vienna University of Technology12.1
289The University of Texas - Arlington12.0
290Colorado School of Mines12.0
292University of Surrey12.0
293Boston University12.0
294Hunan University11.9
295Feng Chia University11.9
296Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon11.9
297China University of Geosciences11.9
298University of Maryland- Baltimore County11.8
299University of Florence11.8
300University of Newcastle upon Tyne11.8

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