2008 - Overall Ranking : Top Universities in USA
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World RankCountry RankUniversityLocationTotal ScoreRef. Rank
(normalized by number of faculty)
11Harvard UniversityUSA96.31
22Johns Hopkins UniversityUSA50.97
33Stanford UniversityUSA50.02
44University of Washington - SeattleUSA49.013
55University of California - Los AngelesUSA47.19
66University of California - BerkeleyUSA46.38
77University of Michigan - Ann ArborUSA46.217
88Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSA44.93
99University of California - San FranciscoUSA43.34
1010University of California - San DiegoUSA42.96
1111University of PennsylvaniaUSA42.519
1312Columbia UniversityUSA41.916
1513Yale UniversityUSA40.718
1714Duke UniversityUSA38.515
1815Cornell UniversityUSA37.014
2116University of Wisconsin - MadisonUSA36.312
2217University of Pittsburgh - PittsburghUSA35.244
2318University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesUSA35.030
2419The University of ChicagoUSA33.728
2520University of North Carolina - Chapel HillUSA33.511
2621Washington University in St. LouisUSA32.935
2922Pennsylvania State UniversityUSA31.691
3023Northwestern UniversityUSA31.520
3124California Institute of TechnologyUSA31.25
3225University of California - DavisUSA30.348

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