2017 - Overall Ranking : Top Universities in Spain

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World RankCountry RankUniversityTotal Score Ref. Rank
(normalized by number of faculty)
641University of Barcelona65.0106
1782Autonomous University of Barcelona54.9213
2323University of Valencia52.7276
2404Autonomous University of Madrid52.5287
2965Complutense University of Madrid50.6410
3036University of Granada50.4354
3507University of the Basque Country49.1429
3818Pompeu Fabra University48.5416
4239University of Santiago de Compostela47.7447
42910University of Zaragoza47.6501-600
44011Polytechnic University of Catalonia47.5501-600
44812University of Oviedo47.4479
44812University of Seville47.4501-600
47314Polytechnic University of Valencia47.1501-600
501-600-Rovira i Virgili University-601-700
501-600-University of Cantabria-601-700
501-600-University of La Laguna-501-600
501-600-University of Navarra-501-600
501-600-University of Salamanca-601-700
601-700-Polytechnic University of Madrid-701-800
601-700-University of Córdoba-601-700
601-700-University of Murcia-701-800
601-700-University of Vigo-601-700
701-800-University of Alcala-701-800
701-800-University of Alicante-701-800

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