2016 - Overall Ranking

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World RankUniversityTotal Score Ref. Rank
(normalized by number of faculty)
1Harvard University98.11
2Stanford University93.12
3Johns Hopkins University92.94
4University of Toronto92.57
5University of Oxford90.210
6University of Washington, Seattle90.05
7University of California, Berkeley88.36
8University of Michigan, Ann Arbor88.012
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology87.62
10University of California, Los Angeles86.78
11University of London, University College London86.016
12University of Pennsylvania85.49
13Columbia University84.911
14University of Cambridge84.519
15University of California, San Francisco81.815
16Imperial College London80.717
17University of California, San Diego80.218
18Yale University79.120
19Duke University79.022
20University of Chicago76.713
21Cornell University76.613
22University of Copenhagen75.532
23The University of Tokyo74.825
24University of British Columbia74.537
25University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh74.126

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