2016 - Overall Ranking

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World RankUniversityTotal Score Ref. Rank
(normalized by number of faculty)
1Harvard University98.11
2Stanford University93.12
3Johns Hopkins University92.94
4University of Toronto92.57
5University of Oxford90.210
6University of Washington, Seattle90.05
7University of California, Berkeley88.36
8University of Michigan, Ann Arbor88.012
9Massachusetts Institute of Technology87.62
10University of California, Los Angeles86.78
11University of London, University College London86.016
12University of Pennsylvania85.49
13Columbia University84.911
14University of Cambridge84.519
15University of California, San Francisco81.815
16Imperial College London80.717
17University of California, San Diego80.218
18Yale University79.120
19Duke University79.022
20University of Chicago76.713
21Cornell University76.613
22University of Copenhagen75.532
23The University of Tokyo74.825
24University of British Columbia74.537
25University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh74.126
26University of Minnesota, Twin Cities73.927
27Northwestern University73.123
28University of Wisconsin, Madison73.028
29University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill72.928
30Pierre and Marie Curie University - Paris 671.334
31University of Melbourne71.035
31Washington University in St. Louis71.035
33McGill University70.524
34Ohio State University, Columbus70.338
35University of California, Davis70.139
36Utrecht University68.841
37National University of Singapore68.460
38The University of Sydney68.342
39Karolinska Institutet68.130
39The University of Manchester68.144
41Tsinghua University67.968
42Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Zurich67.731
43California Institute of Technology67.420
43New York University67.469
43University of Queensland67.445
46Peking University67.276
47Emory University66.849
48Katholieke Universiteit Leuven66.733
48Mayo Medical School66.751
50University of Edinburgh66.650
51Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich66.452
51University of London, King's College London66.453
53University of Florida66.354
54Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg66.155
55Seoul National University66.057
56University of Amsterdam65.740
56University of Sao Paulo65.7100
58Zhejiang University65.659
59University of Zurich65.361
59Vanderbilt University65.361
61Shanghai Jiao Tong University65.261
61University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign65.264
63Boston University65.064
63Kyoto University65.064
63University of Southern California65.064
66University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center64.843
67University of Texas, Austin64.672
68Pennsylvania State University, University Park64.572
69University of Barcelona64.1106
70Monash University64.079
71University of Helsinki63.981
72Ghent University63.883
72Princeton University63.848
72University of Groningen63.880
75Erasmus University Rotterdam63.585
75University of Maryland, College Park63.586
77Humboldt University of Berlin63.345
77Radboud University Nijmegen63.386
79Free University of Berlin63.147
79VU University Amsterdam63.189
81Paris-Sud University - Paris 1162.992
82University of Colorado, Boulder62.696
83Leiden University62.458
83University of Alberta62.496
85University of Chinese Academy of Sciences62.298
86Aarhus University62.0101
86The University of New South Wales62.0101
88University of Arizona61.8105
89Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - Lausanne61.771
90University of Rome La Sapienza61.6106
91Lund University61.3131
91Nanyang Technological University61.3111
91University of Oslo61.3109
94Université de Montréal61.269
95University of California, Irvine61.175
96Paris Diderot University - Paris 760.9113
97Baylor College of Medicine60.883
97Technical University of Munich60.8135
97University of Padua60.874
100University of Milan60.676

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