2016 - Mathematics : Top Universities in USA

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World RankCountry RankUniversityTotal Score
21Stanford University85.9
42Princeton University80.4
53Massachusetts Institute of Technology77.6
53University of California, Berkeley77.6
75University of California, Los Angeles76.8
96Harvard University73.4
107University of Texas, Austin73.0
118University of Michigan, Ann Arbor72.9
129Columbia University72.4
1310University of Minnesota, Twin Cities72.0
1411University of Chicago70.9
1612New York University69.4
1713Texas A&M University, College Station69.2
1814University of Washington, Seattle68.5
2115University of Wisconsin, Madison66.7
2616University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign64.0
2917Pennsylvania State University, University Park63.2
3618Duke University62.2
3819University of California, San Diego61.9
4520California Institute of Technology61.4
4520Rutgers University, New Brunswick61.4
4922Ohio State University, Columbus60.5
5223Yale University60.3
5524Purdue University, West Lafayette60.1
5625Georgia Institute of Technology60.0
5726University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill59.8
6027University of Pennsylvania59.4
6528Brown University59.1
7129North Carolina State University58.5
7930University of California, Davis57.9
8331Michigan State University57.7
8532Johns Hopkins University57.6
8933University of Maryland, College Park56.8
9234Carnegie Mellon University56.7
9234Cornell University56.7
9736Rice University56.3
11437University of Iowa54.5
11538University of Colorado, Boulder54.4
12239Northwestern University53.9
12239University of California, Irvine53.9

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